one of our collaboration goals at mecourses (and affiliated movements eg world record jobs) is to search for colleges within public university systems where black jobs are core to educators' purposes - from 2015 we can help such colleges sign a contract to help search out jobs courses for all sustainability millennials
best for black (eg the mandela extranet partners of taddy blecher out of s. africa); for chinese ; for latinos ; for health ...

special thanks to black conscious capitalism chapters for training on higher purpose; harrison owen for changing his life's purpose while the only white man on a civil rights field of the 1960s; black girls empowerment and social enterprise collaboration students we met on the road to several nobel peace summits particularly the 5 year collaboration across historically black university colleges which aimed but did not quite get to atlanta nov 2015

Saturday, December 19, 2015

which mycourses are you taking next - can we swap notes if you learn anything that other millennials could collaboratively change the world with -

My Courses

Dec 21, 2015 - Jan 18, 2016Johns Hopkins University
for example we dream that every young person be free to learn how to code or has a friend who can help them code social solutions of unique merit due to that young persons particular community building trusts

so too does sal khan

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