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best for black (eg the mandela extranet partners of taddy blecher out of s. africa); for chinese ; for latinos ; for health ...

special thanks to black conscious capitalism chapters for training on higher purpose; harrison owen for changing his life's purpose while the only white man on a civil rights field of the 1960s; black girls empowerment and social enterprise collaboration students we met on the road to several nobel peace summits particularly the 5 year collaboration across historically black university colleges which aimed but did not quite get to atlanta nov 2015

Sunday, November 29, 2015

what formats compare to khan?

none completely but look at these. and when finding more please will you tell us

ondemand coursera - 2 problems - first, what used to be coursera's own catalogue of self-pace courses (eg march 2015) has sort of disappeared for reasons that coursera is being very coy about - see this forum
second,  there wasn't really ever a coherent pattern of what was assembled as on-demand- its up to coursera partners who in the main work for colleges that have by and large been trying to maximise the cost to students - typical on-emand cousres do not compete with those that institutions are currently profiteering from keeping as closed learning 

mit - in many ways the admirable exception to the joblessness caused by curricula mismatched with future livelihoods and trapping youth in studen debt, mit publishes its curricula many of which are designed round MIT being prouder if a student sustains and innovates a start up business than earning just a paper certificate

Lynda is a fascinating approach but sadly pay-for - its modules some nearly 20 yeras in the building - are much smaller than university curricula- they match what you need to be able to practice something; they also revel in breaking through the disciplinary silo that so much university structure misleadingly represents in some misplaced reverence to historic perfection instead of realising that half of the most valuable knowhow at graduate and best livelihood level is now being newly innovated every 7 years or so 

we expect china's approach will in next few years will open up what the west has been so tardy at using the web for - so we welcome china co-editors of this mooc particularly

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