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best for black (eg the mandela extranet partners of taddy blecher out of s. africa); for chinese ; for latinos ; for health ...

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Monday, November 30, 2015

november what is khan academy best course in world at

this report is written by math ba with honors and distinction university of york, ma statistics corpus christi cambridge- any errors are his alone

khan academy started as a free maths course- no maths teacher or student can afford not to use it

its not perfect because it is aligned to the american maths testing -which causes american students to be among the worst at maths per hours studied in the developed world

i love some of its videos and exercise tests as best in world of maths teaching

i also love the idea that teachers who love their subject and students enough to free access - should be promoted on number 1 web pages so that every student in the world can bencghmark best in world teaching against what they locally are offered-  see also

if we  used the internet in this way generations lost to joblessness or trapped for life in student debt would not exist

another best in world implementation is the khan academy dashboard- in effect this tales away examination from expensive certification monopolies and empowers students to self-assess how much talent they have in a particular skill or how much more practice they will need

Khan is structured so that tyhe teacher learns too -what could he have taught better
what else is available at KA and how does Khan find teachers as open as he is

what formats compare to khan and why have nations failed to lead open learning curricula; whats the cost of hundreds of thousands tecnagers disconnecting students from access to best presentations

what is not being taught anywhere that will need to be massive open online collaboration if the last chance to achieve sustainability goals is to be achieved by 2030

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