one of our collaboration goals at mecourses (and affiliated movements eg world record jobs) is to search for colleges within public university systems where black jobs are core to educators' purposes - from 2015 we can help such colleges sign a contract to help search out jobs courses for all sustainability millennials
best for black (eg the mandela extranet partners of taddy blecher out of s. africa); for chinese ; for latinos ; for health ...

special thanks to black conscious capitalism chapters for training on higher purpose; harrison owen for changing his life's purpose while the only white man on a civil rights field of the 1960s; black girls empowerment and social enterprise collaboration students we met on the road to several nobel peace summits particularly the 5 year collaboration across historically black university colleges which aimed but did not quite get to atlanta nov 2015

Saturday, October 31, 2015

moowho -which organisations or leaders would you most like to be an action learning alumni of

A series of remembrance parties to norman macrae were hosted on this theme from which sir fazle abed and brac emerged as the world record jobs creator we would value most to access in massive open online collaborations - so far we have failed to find a mooc partner -some notes on what you can learn by searching how brac empowered the world's poorest women to develop 100+ million nation are at

we'd love to learn from kim ,farmer and pope francis since transparently audit POP and POY - Preferential Option Poor and Youth modeling seems to us to be essential if sustainability goals are to unite humanity in time

when we think a particular economist has been sponsored by something as unsustainable as big bad banking we look to george soros as arbiter

in web world we value jack ma, and follow apps for humanity by movement - arguably the greatest development app for sustainability alumni is give directly

in humanly joyful worlds of innovation, we'd start with harrison owen

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